Top 8 Male Celebrities With the Best Tattoos - Saved TattooIf you're looking for tattoo inspiration, look no futher. There male celebrities have the best tattoo......

So, you’ve decided to get a tattoo and now you’re looking for a design inspiration. What better way to search for the perfect tattoo design than checking out what our favorite celebrities are going for when it comes to getting inked. Let’s be honest; some celebrities have exceptional taste when it comes to tattoo designs. Plus, their tattoos are done by some of the best tattoo artists in the world, so you know they’re more than just good. Most of their tattoos are true masterpieces.

Now, getting a good inspiration for a tattoo as a guy can sometimes be difficult. Depending on your preferences that tattoo design can be however you want it to be, but the second you move away from hyper masculine designs, you’re getting in the muddy water of weird, forced designs. Therefore, we want to help you and combine your hunt for a good tattoo design with our insight into the best tattoos of our favorite male celebrities. So, without further ado, let’s get right into this!

Our Favorite Male Celebrities’ Tattoos: Our Top Choices

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is definitely our favorite male celebrity and definitely one with some of the best tattoos. In the light of Johnny Depp’s intense legal win in the battle against his ex-wife Amber Heard, we couldn’t help but admire him not only as an actor, but as a complete human being. And, of course, his undeniable sense of style, fashion, and effortless awesomeness make Johnny Depp our first male celebrity on this list.

Of course, his tattoos are exceptional, and also very personal, so, keep this in mind when going for some of his tattoos as inspiration; you might need to add a touch of your own creativity and imagination to make the design fit your own story.

Johnny Depp has tattoo inspired by his Native American heritage, so these definitely are out of reach for those who don’t share the same heritage. Otherwise, your tattoo will be considered as cultural appropriation. However, his other tattoo like the Harvey Davidson skeleton logo, old-school heart, bird and guitar tattoos show his personal interests but can also serve as a great inspiration for your own tattoos.



Adam Levine


The front men of Marroon 5, Adam Levine, is not only known for his incredible singing, but also for his intense appearance. For years now, Adam Levine is considered to be one of the most handsome celebrity out there, and many admire him for his tats as well. Now, Adam is seemingly completely tattoos; there aren’t any tattoos on his face though, but the rest of the body is covered in ink, that is for sure.

We definitely enjoy his awesome sleeves, filled with multiple interesting symbolism and creative designs. There is also the eagle tattoo on his ribcage which is probably one of the coolest tattoos Adam Levine is sporting. And, of course, the incredible mermaid tattoo on his back have made him the tattoo icon that he is today. If you’re looking for someone to inspire you to get a tattoo, then Adam Levine is the perfect choice.



Harry Styles


Even though he has admited some of his tattoos are ‘stupid’ and that he isn’t sure whether ‘he regrets them or not’, we couldn’t help but place Harry Styles right at the 3rd place of this list. In our humble opinion, his tattoos, and the way he’s sporting them, is just excellent. Harry has over 50 tattoos, and are most often featuring a personal design as well as music references, as one would expect from a musician.

Harry’s chest tattoos stand out the most due to this fashion choices focusing on revealing the chest area. However, he has admited to have tattoos all over his body. The designs featuring in his tattoos are dates, birds/swallows, letters of personal meaning, specific names (referring to his family member), quotes, and so much more. Harry Styles is definitely a great example of having many tattoo without appearing to be covered in them from head to toe.



Travis Baker


The Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, is pretty into tattoos. He is literally covered in them, from head to toe, and as such deserves a spot on our list of male celebs with the best tattoos. Now, Barker’s tattoos provide an incredible insight into his creativity, personal struggle, his memories, and overall, his life.

Because he has so many tattoos, it is hard to decide which design truly stands out, but would definitely point out his incredible (and probably super painful) neck tattoos (especially the race flag), his family members tattoos, as well as the transpared ‘can I say’ chest tattoo.

Despite being covered in tattoos, Travis keeps getting new ones regularly. It is important to mention that Berker has survived a plane crash in 2008, which has caused third-degree burns in much of his body. Because of that he has lost some of his tattoos, and has been dedicated to getting new ones ever since.



Machine Gun Kelly


Machine Gun Kelly is definitely one of the most controversial male celebs out there, and he surely isn’t afraid of ink. Just like Travis Berker, MGK is also covered in tattoos, almost completely. Most of his tattoos feature smaller design, but there are also some large-scale tattoos with symbolism symbolism, numbers, quotes, and figures.

Now, we cannot talk about MGK tattoos without mentioning the gruesome ‘throat cut’ tattoo. This is one of his simplest yet most intriguing tattoos yet; it is a simple red line reseembleing a bloody slice down his throat. It must have been incredibly painful to get that tattooed, right? His other tattoos feature references to his music and albums, religious beliefs, the prominent Anarchy symbol on his stomach, and of course, his dedicated love to his wife Megan Fox.



David Beckham


Soccer players (or football players if you’re reading from Europe), are known for their excessive tattoos. Almost every soccer player is sporting at least a few tattoos, and the majority are covered in them. However, no soccer player does tattoos better than David Beckham.

He is known to have more than 60 tattoos, all connected in intricate artwork. His tattoos seem to be all connected and uniform, which is pretty rare, considering other male celebs on this list just get random tattoos right next to one another. Beckham’s tattoos remain consistent, all over his body.

Now, when it comes to the design of his tattoos, they surely vary. There are some personal tattoos referencing his family of course, but also tattoos that show a deep insight into Beckham as a person. His chest and back tattoos show references to his religious beliefs (often featuring Bible references, angles, and crosses), as well a sdates and quotes in Latin. There are also tattoos done in reference to famous Renaissance painting, as well as tattoos done in reference to his wife Victoria.



Wiz Khalifa


Even though he isn’t really considered to be a good example of celebrities doing tattoos well, we had to include him on this list. In our opinion, Wiz has some exceptional tattoos, and his love for ink is undeniable. This American rapper has so many tattoos, even he probably lost the count years ago. He is covered in ink from head to toe, in tattoos done mostly in reference to his music, his origin, life story, religious beliefs, his faith, personal struggles, and so much more.

Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos, even though randomly placed, seem to fit perfectly on his body, like a completed puzzle. He also has tattoos depicting, Koi fish, boards, stars, angles and demons. Despite these figures and symbols not being a perfect match at first, they create an exceptional visual appeal which make Khalifa’s tattoos completely unique to him. Wi has even managed to make face tattoos look cool.



Zayn Malik


Another former One Direction member, alongside Harry Styles, on this list in Zayn Malik. He too is known for his exceptional tattoos, which he apparently has over 60, all over his body. We have to admit that Zayn’s tattoos are some of the best, most artistic tattoos you’ll ever see on a celebrity. All of them are incredibly unique and creative, and we love that Zayn isn’t afraid to get colored tattoo designs as well.

Zayn’s tattoos are mostly done in reference to his career journey, music, his family, and of course, his wife and daughter. There are a few tattoos on his body written in Arabic, honoring his origin and heritage. There are also tattoos depicting Mandala art (complex, abstract design done in circular form, Yin and Yang symbolism, a stereo, and so much more. Our favorite Zayn’s tattoo is definitely the one saying ‘Zap’, placed oh his right arm.