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Favvosee tattoo machine kit
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Favvosee rotary tattoo machine
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Favvosee Professional Rotary Tattoo Kit Silver Scales with Power Supply

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Favvosee Tattoo Order

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Favvosee pen machine tattoo

Favvosee Tattoo Kit

The Favvosee Professinal Rotary Tattoo Pen Silver Scales design concept of tattoo pens solves the problems of traditional tattoo pens, such as tired secant lines, color leakage of lines, unrealistic secant lines, and uneven shading.

Favvosee tattoo machine pen

Powerful Motor

Low-vibration operation and efficiency

Imported high-speed and strong torque motor, unique internal design concept, solves the problems of traditional tattoo pens, such as easy suffering fatigue, color leakage, uneven fogging, etc.
The Lightning pen has smooth needle out, more ink entry, even fogging, smaller skin lesions and smoother color.

Favvosee tattoo machine rotary


Favvosee Silver Scales tattoo machine has an ergonomic, pen-like shape. Operating it feels like using an actual pen, as you effortlessly draw fine lines, shade, or apply permanent makeup.

Favvosee machine tattoo

The bright silver color of the whole machine highlights the precision workmanship, and the exterior is equipped with carvings to show the future sense of technology.
Drive the silicone integrated needle to rotate at 7000 rpm, easy to lining, shading and colour packing, suitable for various styles.

Favvosee tattooing machine

The RCA interface is used to ensure the firmness of the cable to be pulled and inserted, and it is not easy to fall off.

Favvosee tattoomachines

Please Note

The working voltage is 7-11V, do not work with overload for a long time, the maximum withstand torque is 280g.cm

Favvosee wireless tattoo machines

Using Friendly and Easily

The needle length comes with 0-4mm, Adjustable the stroke to fit the different techniques.

Favvosee pen tattoo machine


  • strong torque motor
  • Starting voltage: 5V drives the silicone integrated needle
  • Product weight: net weight 130g, gross weight 280g
  • Material technology: high-quality aluminum alloy, CNC turning and milling compound, fine sand polishing, oxidation coloring
  • Power interface: RCA
  • Rated voltage: 10V Rated power: 5W
  • Needle out stroke: 3.5mm Needle out length: 0-4.5mm
  • Voltage speed: 7V speed 4900RPM, 8.5V speed 5950RPM, 10V speed 7000RPM


Favvosee Professional Rotary Tattoo Kit Silver Scales with Power Supply
1. Silver Scales Tattoo Pen 1 pcs (for lining and shading)
2. Digital tattoo power supply 1 pcs
3. Power cable 1 pcs
4. Tattoo foot pedal 1 pcs
5. Tattoo needle 20 pcs(1003RL*5.1205RL*5.1207RM*5.1009M1*5)
6. Small thickening practice leather 1 pcs
7. Non slip bandage 2pcs(2.5x450cm)
8. Large glove 1 piece
9. Tattoo machine kit manual 1 pcs
10. Tattoo Toolbox 1pcs(33*27*8cm)