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About Favvosee

Favvosee is a company specializing in tattoo machines, our products include tattoo machine kits, tattoo pens, and wireless tattoo pens. With its excellent quality and stylish design, it stands out among many tattoo machines and has won unanimous praise from customers.

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Excellent Quality

As part of the production process, Favvosee utilizes the latest equipment and production technology to ensure the quality of each product and ensure that each customer receives a high-quality product.

Based on 63 reviews
The kit is amazing!!

Really good quality. Battery life is crazy! Definitely recommend

I also bought other inks.

I use it smoothly on fake skin and it works great

They’re lightweight

Very nice looking and well balanced, very happy with the product

Love the machine so far

I’m an apprentice and noticed the improvement in my work. Also the difference in quality of a good machine!! Worth every penny. Packaging was clean and presentable.

Very good for the price

Good ink flow, needles were not barbed, came blister packed for sterilization, and in a good box that was not broke or smashed. They seem to be well made for the price.

More than I thought

I was overly happy with my purchase. Also I liked that each individual skin was wrapped separately!

I love these guys

Beginners always look at these tattoo kits. So I decided that for my first machine I would start with a rotary kit machine and just learn that style and stick with it.

Really good

Great quality, it came with everything we needed and it got here really fast! I will definitely be buying from here again.

This is an excellent gift

Perfect tattoo kit for beginners. Even comes with practice skins. It has everything you will need to start honing your skills.

I would recommend this to someone just starting out. I will buy more skins to continue practicing...

This is my first tattoo kit.

I like the price. I did a lot of research beforehand and found this to be the best value for money. I am an artist at heart and wanted to start tattooing.

Solid starter pack.

It’s perfect for a beginner like me it’s not too complicated to set up.

Tattoo kit

a complete and perfect kit to start in this world of tattooing, balancing machine for line, shadow and fill... impeccable needles.. very happy with the kit

This tattoo kit is an exceptional choice for beginners and deserves a 5-star review. It's a reliable and versatile choice for creating beautiful and professional tattoos. I'm very excited about using it.

Very surprised that everything in the kit was of decent quality. Highly recommend for beginners. It came with all the necessary stuff. I’m an aspiring tattoo artist and I was impressed.

Thank you to favvosee for continuing my experience as an artist overall.

This will increase my painting skills too. I tried it on a banana and fake skin, and I got some beautiful patterns so I appreciate favvosee for making the first machine pen that I've ever owned.

Appreciate it!!!

My First Tattoo Pen!!!! Really great for beginners and allows you to grip it without slipping. Easy to set up and maneuver for tattooing

It’s great for small patterns. Loving being able to do tattoos whenever I want.

It’s great for small patterns. Loving being able to do tattoos whenever I want. Anything bigger takes a lot of time. You will definitely need to get higher end ink, but overall satisfied with this buy!

I love my new machine.

Really great for beginners and allows you to grip it without slipping.

It works great

I got this tattoo gun new to tattooing with a gun. It works great, I have done tattoos with it and it works well though. I also have bought other ink too.

Easy to set up and maneuver for tattooing

Not a bad first pen I’ve used that I didn't make myself. Really great for beginners and allows you to grip it without slipping.

I purchased this starter kit for my grandson, he is 19 years old. He said he was happy with this kit, the items were not cheap. He feels comfortable using it.

Works great

I didn’t receive a power cord. But overall a great machine

It works great and is easy to use. The quality is amazing for the price. You can't beat it. It gets the job done, especially for a beginner.

Easy to use and a good starter kit

The power supply is good. It’s awesome I was able to tattoo as soon as I got it! And I recommend buying a higher quality ink once you’re done practicing.