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We want to show our support and credit our talented tattoo artist, we are welcome to all the tattoo artist who give a try to our products.
We are continuously recruiting all kinds of tattoo artists, as long as you have talent, welcome to cooperate with us.
Pablo Navarro @artonskincr

My name is Pablo Navarro.
I am 28 years old.
I am a tattoo artist from Costa Rica.
My works are black and white and minimalism.
Komfort Kristy @komfort
A tattoo artist from Canada, her style tends to be retro, and occasionally likes to be realistic, and has a wonderful insight and application of color.
Yub Park @yubtattoo

An American-Korean tattoo artist. His style is more traditional, with thick lines and delicate and small designs.
Hifive Tattoo

A tattoo parlor with a more realistic style. Has been working with Favvosee over few years.
Issy @riotbunnytattoo

This is a very individual tattoo artist, she recently unboxed Favvosee's hidden tattoo pen, her work style is grotesque and has a strong personal style, a rabbit with a sword. You know its Issy's coming!
Ramen Noodles @ramennudletattoo

My name is Ramon Rosales (a.k.a Ramen Noodles) I’m a tattoo artist from Riverside California. My favorite styles are trash polka, old English lettering and traditional work.
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We are always welcome to all the customers and artist, who gave their valuable opinion, want to be sponsored by us? Contact us: market@favvosee.com