Tattoo knowledge

delicate rose tattoo

Perfect way to get a rose tattoo

Rose tattoos are very beautiful. The inspiration we have uncovered for you speaks for itself! Roses are not...
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constellation tattoo

What Tattoo To Make According To His Astrological Sign?

Do you want a tattoo but lack inspiration? Here are some tattoo ideas that perfectly match your zodiac...
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disney tattoos for you

Disney tattoos that take you back to childhood

Disney has captivated your childhood with its adorable characters and princesses, and we've all wanted to steal their...
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Itchy Tattoo

Itchy Tattoo! What causes itching, what to do about it, and what medicine to apply?

Tattoos are gaining recognition as an expression of fashion and individuality. You may be in the mood for...
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Where to place heart tattoo

Heart tattoo: meaning, where to place it?

This is perhaps the motif that we find most often in the tattoo world: the heart speaks to...
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what does a medusa tattoo mean

7 Best Medusa Tattoo Ideas

The Medusa tattoo is a powerful and striking design that has been growing in popularity in recent years....
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Professional Review

tattooing yourself

Beginner's Complete Guide to Doing Your Own Tattoos

As a new tattoo artist, especially if this is your first time tattooing on human skin. That these...
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couples tattoo ideas

Couple tattoos: the best ideas to seal your love forever!

Couples tattoos are a form of tattoos that mark the same pattern or phrase on couples' bodies, binding...
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private parts tattoo

How has tattooing become popularized?

In France, 29% of people under 35 have tattoos (or have already tattooed) compared to only 14% of...
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best family tattoos

Top tattoos to do to show your love for your family

Family is so precious that sometimes we even want to celebrate this infinite love on our skin, in...
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What Are the 14 Most Painful Spots on a Tattoo?

What Are the 14 Most Painful Spots on a Tattoo?

It's hilarious that you have made it to our site regardless of whether you're a sadist, deep-trance-tattoo-meditator, or...
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Favvoosee Tattoo Caring

How To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Tattoo: Everything You Need To Know

There is a lot to consider before getting a tattoo. As a permanent addition to your body, you...
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Favvosee Wings Tattoo time lapse | Lining and Shading
Favvosee cartridge needles review timelapse

User Guide

Tattoos When Old

How do tattoos look when you get old?

One of the favorite arguments of opponents of tattoos: “Have you ever thought about what will happen to...
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using transfer paper for tattoos

How to use the tattoo transfer paper?

One of the first difficulties when getting a tattoo is deciding what kind of tattoo you want. Then...
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Sublime temporary tattoo

Sublime temporary tattoo

Sublime temporary tattoos to see what they look like before getting started for real. You've wanted to get...
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tattoo hides health risks

Tattooing: Beware of cut-price deals… It hides real health risks

Investigation - Tempting ads may lead you straight to a no-holds-barred ‘scratcher’. Although not controlled, these secret tattooists...
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underboob tattoo

Tattoo on the belly: true or false good idea?

If the tattoo on your stomach is very sexy because it is located in a hidden area, then...
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stretch mark tattoo

How to Turn Stretch Marks Into Art and Tattoos

Pregnancy stretch marks can be a common problem for many women, and can be difficult to cover up....
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Favvosee tattoo timelapse | peach blossom
Favvosee wireless tattoo pen Hidden | unboxing