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How do tattoos look when you get old?

One of the favorite arguments of opponents of tattoos: “Have you ever thought about what will happen to your tattoo in old age?” This is usually followed by a colorful description of the faded design on the loose skin. Does such an unenviable fate await all tattoo owners in old age?

Not all judgments on this subject are equally true. Do all tattoos age the same way and what will your design look like as you age? Reasonable answers to these and other important questions, as well as photos of older people with tattoos, can be found in this article.

What will happen to the tattoo in old age?

Over the years, our skin loses elasticity, it slackens and stretches. As a result, the shape, size and proportions of tattoos can change slightly over time, no matter how well the tattoo artist works and how high quality the Tattoo Kit he uses are.

Favvosee Tattoo Equipment

The color of the ink itself can also change over time. This depends on the:

  • Observation by the master of the technique
  • Choice of the right depth of application
  • The brand and quality of the ink
  • The lifestyle of the person

If you dared to turn to an unknown salon or to a master who works at home, then be prepared for the fact that your tattoo will surprise you in a few years. Pale colors, a flowing outline, the melting of small details are just some of the negative consequences that lovers of saving money are sorry to see when visiting a tattoo studio. It is amazing that sometimes people are willing to pay a lot of money for branded clothes or expensive jewelry, but at the same time count every dollar when comparing the offers of tattoo studios. The drawing on your body will be with you for a lifetime, it is definitely not worth saving!

Another important factor is a change of attitude. Motifs and symbols that were dear to you in your youth can lose their appeal over the years. Sometimes a person changes his views in diametrically opposite directions. In this context, it is sometimes necessary to cover, hide or even remove tattoos in adulthood. The possibility of such a development should be thought of, especially in the case of some tattoos:

  • Political
  • Religious
  • Names of people and important dates
  • Pop culture inspired stories

Is it worth worrying about so much?

One of the greats has said, “If only people cared as much about their inner world as they do about their outer!” Indeed, sometimes we pay too much attention to the outside, forgetting that both for others and for ourselves, the inner content is much more important. Growing old does not mean that one is worse off. If an elderly person leads an active life, communicates with others in a positive way, improves the lives of their loved ones and surrounds them with care and love, does it really matter what their tattoos look like? Conversely, you can have a flawless skin, but at the same time be an unpleasant person in old age, with whom you do not want to spend time.

Our skin is a kind of diary of life. Tattoos, scars, piercings - all these remind us of certain events and stages of human development. We keep old photos, even if they are faded and frayed. You should treat your old tattoos the same way, with love and acceptance.

How to prolong the life of tattoos?

Protect tattoos from direct sunlight with cream or clothing.

Try not to allow strong weight fluctuations, stick to one body shape.

Pay special attention to the condition of the skin in case of rapid weight gain. The abdominal and hip area is a risk zone for tattoos, as they are more often deformed in these places.

Avoid frequent contact with harsh chemicals, including chlorinated swimming pool water. Choose swimming pools where the water is purified by ionization.

How can you maintain the appearance of a tattoo as you age?

If sagging tattoos scare you in old age, there are several ways to prolong their life, keep them clear and rich until old age.

Maintain Your Tattoos

Opt for the parts of the body that, due to the anatomy, are least sensitive to weight fluctuations and other age-related changes. These are the shins, shoulder blades and other areas with a thin layer of fat and without frequent muscle contractions. Conversely, areas such as the abdomen, thighs, cleavage, hands or buttocks are the least successful in maintaining the appearance of the tattoo. If the skin is constantly in motion, subjected to frequent friction or stretched due to weight changes, the pattern will become very deformed.

Choose neutral stories that are relevant at any age and with any worldview. Before deciding on a particular sketch, think about it. Is it appropriate or aesthetic?

Work only with professionals of the highest calibre. This will guarantee the quality of work and a longer wearing time of the tattoo without correction.

Remember that even if you follow all these rules, much depends on the constitution of the body and the elasticity of the skin, so it is impossible to give a guarantee that your drawing will be unchanged after 40 years.

What to do if the tattoo looks different in old age than in youth?

Even if you have a high-quality tattoo in the right place, sooner or later you will notice changes. There are several ways to solve the problem:

  • Correction of the drawing
  • Complete or partial overlapping
  • Removal

During the correction, the contour is updated and the colour is refreshed. Do not abuse this procedure: each new session hurts the skin, and too frequent corrections can cause serious skin diseases. Overlapping part of the drawing or the entire sketch is relevant if there is a desire to change the plot. However, the same rules apply here as for the correction.

Finally, removal is a radical method of getting rid of tattoos. Modern technologies allow to significantly lighten the work in several sessions, but it is almost impossible to completely remove the pigment.

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