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Tattoo on the belly: true or false good idea?

If the tattoo on your stomach is very sexy because it is located in a hidden area, then this symbol may deform when you gain weight, such as during pregnancy. This is not a reason to abandon your idea. You just need to take some precautionary measures to achieve this tattoo. All the answers to your questions as well as inspiring designs to spark your imagination!

Why is a belly tattoo sexy?

First of all, the belly is a very concealed area, which arouses curiosity. For ages, there was no need to reveal it. Thanks to the bikini, it began to show off freely. Showing off the navel with a bare midriff is very fashionable. Favvosee tattoo machine can provide high-quality tattoo services. They use sophisticated motor technology to control the cartridges for accurate tattoo depth. Why does this part of the body have a taboo flavor? Of course, it is because it is close to sex. It only rises a few centimeters. This certainly explains the idea of sexiness emanating from it. Showing off a little belly, we find another intimate and very sexy part of the body, which is the curves of the waist and buttocks. Beware, this is not a tattoo exclusive to women. Many men choose to tattoo this area. He is almost as successful among men as a tattoo on the arm, which is more popular. For women, the belly is also a maternal space. The navel is a reminder since the umbilical cord through which the baby is fed during pregnancy passes through it.

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In addition, many women tattoo during pregnancy to highlight their round belly. This small trick is also a phantasmagorical fruit. For some women, it is even a sexy area. It is part of the pierced area. So, tattooing in this area also plays with your erotic image, so it is important to choose your symbol carefully according to the message to be conveyed. Some tribes tattoo tribal patterns on the belly of women to make them sacred. Another advantage is the discreet tattoo, which is easy to hide, unlike a tattoo on the ankle or wrist.

Why do you have to think before you start?

It is important to point out that the abdomen is an area of the body that changes with body weight. For example, when you are pregnant. The risk is that the tattoo design will deform. This is the same problem with weight loss and dieting. The skin is no longer the same, and the design changes too. In addition, weight changes can cause stretch marks, thus changing the layout. According to the skin, even the regular application of cream does not prevent the appearance of these stripes on the abdomen. That is why all good tattoo artists advise not to finish the tattoo before giving birth. Some women avoided these deformations after the birth of the baby. But it is impossible to predict accurately whether the design will return to its original state afterwards. And any area of the abdomen is less likely to change, whether it be the abdominal muscles, sides or lower abdomen. According to some medical opinions, tattoos, especially if the tattoo is close to the pubic bone, can interfere with the doctor's work during a cesarean section. It will be harder to locate. And the level of pain, according to different statements, is one of the most difficult tattoos to try.

Belly Temporary Tattoos

So should we give up? Not at all. There is also the option of a temporary tattoo. So, in a way, we benefit from the advantages without the disadvantages. Finally, if you still decide to get a permanent tattoo on your abdomen, be careful when choosing your tattoo artist. The durability of the sketch largely depends on the talent of the person who made it. It is an art. Some women take the opportunity to tattoo scars or stretch marks to hide them.

Temporary tattoos, good compromise?

Several options are possible. Even if they are short-lived, there is nothing to envy in terms of graphics from a real tattoo. They can even deceive some. There are tattoos stickers (those from our childhood). They last a few days. Just put the design on the area to be tattooed, wet it and wait a few seconds to let the tattoo stick to the skin. Many brands have entered this niche market by offering not at all childish and very realistic designs. There are also henna tattoos. You have to choose a design and then make the tattoo yourself using a template (provided in some kits). They last a few days and can be removed with soap and water. Finally, one can continue with nail tattoos. Be careful, we choose natural nail tattoos. Black, which used to be popular, contains substances that can cause allergies. Some institutions offer this service. Tattoos are tolerated for 15 to 21 days. On the other hand, we are limited in the choice of color. The tattoo must be rust-colored.

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Some belly tattoo ideas

So here you are, you have found the formula that suits your needs, now it's time to choose the pattern. If you are lost, here are some hints. The abdomen is an important part of the body and people tend to choose a powerful design. Indeed, small patterns won't be very visible, but there is no need to cover the entire area. Playing around the navel, one side is flowers, either this little trick all around is star patterns, very beautiful. In addition, all floral patterns are very popular. The roses at the small belly, like arrows or snakes, do not work much, but are still classics. To keep it round, we use tattoos or tribal patterns with a sun or moon and circles or the tree of life around the navel. Everything is possible with or without color. According to the experts' advice, smaller designs will better withstand weight changes. Why not say a few words? On the small belly, some women dare to write messages, sentences or quotes, or even bluntly say their beloved's name, just like actress Megan Fox did when she got Brian tattooed here.

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