best family tattoos

Top tattoos to do to show your love for your family

Family is so precious that sometimes we even want to celebrate this infinite love on our skin, in the hollows of our bodies. To help you, here are our family tattoo ideas!


  • Why do family tattoos?
  • A date
  • A face
  • Word or phrase
  • A photo
  • A pattern, a symbol

The word tattoo, meaning “to mark something”. And there is good reason why tattoos correspond to “the practice of making marks by inserting pigment into the skin”, forming a distinct design. The technique involves using a needle and dye to create marks, inscriptions and indelible pictures on the skin. The drawings created on the skin can be done in two different ways: Permanent tattoos made by professionals using a tattoo machine; Temporary tattoos made with inks belonging to the cosmetic category.

The decision to get a tattoo should never be taken lightly. Although there are ways to remove permanent tattoos, these methods are both expensive and painful, and sometimes the results are not satisfactory. When we choose to mark our bodies in this way with permanent ink, we must assume that the drawing we choose will follow us until the end of our lives.

family tattoo

Why do people do family tattoos?

Family is so precious that sometimes we even want to engrave this infinite love on our skin, deep in our flesh. Making a tattoo for one or more of your family members is a symbol of beautiful meaning and strong message. It is a symbol of blood connection, whether it is between siblings, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, or cousins. Therefore, family is an ideal source for creating beautiful tattoos, which can never be regretted.

And because family can also be our chosen objects, it is very likely to tattoo a symbol to celebrate a long-term friendship. Some families even have finger tattoos, shoulder tattoos, spine tattoos or leg tattoos, and the tattoos made with heart will always have wonderful results.

Date tattoo

The birth dates of a child, sister, parents or the death date of someone we love... Some dates leave a mark on us, and we feel the need to fix them on our skin. To make your tattoo more personalized, choose the original script, foreign language or Roman numerals.

date tattoo

Portrait tattoo

In order to carry family members with them, some people even choose to tattoo on their face. Whether it is your spouse, child, animal, or even a deceased person, there is no need to tattoo the whole face, because one expression is enough to leave a mark for life and to say a lot about someone. These tattoos are symbols of life.

Simplicity and authenticity tattoo

Words or phrases like Family, "Home is where life begins and love never ends", "Nothing lasts but the love of a mother/father" are easily expressed but never fail to have an effect. You can choose to do them in your native language or any other language depending on its significance to you.

A photo is also a great option for a tattoo.

Vacation homes, family photos, animals that are important to you or your family, fond memories... getting a photo tattoo requires finding an experienced professional who can faithfully reproduce all the features of the image as best as possible. If you want to start a tattoo from an idea or memory, remember to refine and elaborate your idea before going to the tattoo shop so that the image is as clear as possible.

family photo tattoo

Patterns and symbols are also popular tattoos!

They don't require a lot of research work and are great to do with other family members (like parents, siblings) at the same time... the chosen theme may have meaning initially, but has even more meaning once it is tattooed on several people at once. A butterfly, a tiny heart, a sun, a moon, an infinity symbol, a rose... patterns that pay homage to the family symbolize something powerful. For example, pattern tattoos can be made from a drawing and some creative use of colored ink.

footprint tattoo

In the end, we haven't taught you anything, but it is important to think carefully before getting a tattoo, even if it is related to his family. Remember that tattoos will stay on your skin for life. Once you have chosen the tattoo design, phrase or theme, try to imagine yourself with the same tattoo a few years later. Will you still like it? Will you regret it?

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