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30ml Color Tattoo Ink Paint Lining Black

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Favvosee Tattoo Order

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Favvosee colorful ink tattoo
Favvosee aim to be a high quality of the tattoo inks supply, tested and developed by experienced tattoo artists.it is easy and convenient to use, especially provide new, bolder and more vibrant colour on the skin for tattoo artists to make tattoos have great texture.

Color of Favvosee Tattoo Ink
Favvosee inks offer the perfect solution for various of your needs, whatever you want to use it for lining, filling, shading or just about anything else you could imagine and stylish or complex design.Reliable and workable inks are exactly what you need. It comes intense and attractive colour on the skin with smoothly and beautifully for the best possible effective from inks.
Favvosee Tattoo Pattern

Our inks manufacture in herbal raw materials and natural pigments to provide a durable , vibrant colour with fade hardly, that supports various bright color matching your needs, all pigments are irradiated and sterilized to ensure safety.
Favvosee Black Tattoo Ink
Favvosee inks developped a complete series of colors, which means the same standard manufactured, using a specifically designed and scientifically formulated pigment that provides the best possible long lasting quality of ink.
Favvosee Red Tattoo Ink
Our inks concentrated to ensure maximum color saturation, it comes available in both sets and bottles, the safety sealed bottles to ensure quality and provide convenience and excellent opportunity to reduce your costs and waster materials.
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Favvosee Tattoo Ink Color Table

Favvosee Ink Tattoo


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