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Favvosee Desert Shadow Tattoo Kit with Wireless Power Supply

Ergonomically designed
Smooth needle out
Anodized finish

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Favvosee wireless tattoo machines

Favvosee Tattoo Kit

This amazing Rotary Tattoo Pen by Favvosee Desert Shadow lets you hone your artistic talents to the fullest.
If you seek a lightweight, compact, yet high-powered and fully-maneuverable pen-style tattoo machine that gets the job done every time, you can't go wrong with Desert Shadow.

Favvosee pen tattoo machine

Powerful Motor

Low-vibration operation and efficiency

Professional mixing cartridge machine has imported motor, it is quiet and stable speed betweet lining and shading, it is easy to master and use with oily metal 10 slot wheelset,which Provide better experience for tattoo artists during work.
The working voltage is 5-12V,adjust voltage for different techniques and styles.

12VMax Work Voltage

Favvosee tattoo rotary machine

1500 mah Tattoo Wireless Power

Long battery life, can work for up to 4 hours when fully charged
Input and output can be up to 2A, plug in the motor or tattoo pen interface to work for a long time

Favvosee tattoo machine for sale

Tattoo Needles

A pack of needles that covered all the situation will also send in the package, From lining to shading, don't you worry what to chose, we got you covered!
Drive the silicone integrated needle to rotate at 7500 rpm, easy to lining, shading and colour packing, suitable for various styles.

Favvosee tattoo machine wireless


Favvosee Desert Shadow tattoo machine is humanized according to the hand muscle holding the pen posture, and the needle head is reasonably controlled, which ensures the consistency of the air outlet of the integrated tattoo needle and the main body direction.
The high-speed strong magnetic torque motor and the internal structure upgrade design effectively solve a series of problems such as uneven fogging of traditional tattoo pens.

Favvosee tattoo machine kit

The whole machine has smooth needle out, more ink entry, smaller fogging skin lesions, and smoother color. It has received many praises after actual testing by domestic and foreign tattooists.
The Desert Shadow Pen is powered by a precision DC motor and offers a stroke length of 3.5 mm and needle depth adjustment range from 0 and 4 mm. Excelling in lining, shading and colour packing. This pen-style tattoo machine is also very quiet to run and creates minimal vibration.
The universal tattoo needle cartridge is suitable for major brands needle in the world.


  • Motor: High-speed strong magnetic torque motor
  • Starting Voltage: 6V drives the silicone integrated needle
  • Material: High-quality aluminum alloy material, CNC carved processing, fine sand polishing, oxidation coloring
  • Power Interface: RCA
  • Rated Voltage: 10V DC
  • Rated Power: 5.0W
  • Nominal Torque:5.0 mNm
  • Work Voltage: 7-11V
  • Needle Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4mm
  • Weight: net weight 140g, gross weight 340g
  • Voltage speed: 8V speed 6000RPM, 10V speed 8000RPM, 10V speed 11000RPM


    • Favvosee Desert Shadow Tattoo Pen * 1pc
    • Mini Digital Tattoo Power Supply * 1pc
    • Stainless Steel Pedal * 1pc
    • Power Cable * 1pc
    • Tattoo Needle Cartridges * 20pcs (1003RL/1205RL/1207RM/1009M1 five each)
    • Large Glove * 1pc
    • Small Tattoo Practice Skin * 1pc
    • Ink Cup with Base Pack Mixed Sizes * 30pcs
    • Non-slip Bandage (5x450cm) * 1pc
    • Tattoo Machine Kit Manual * 1pc
    • Tattoo Toolbox (33*27*8cm) * 1pc