10 Classic Tattoo Ideas for the Christmas

10 Classic Tattoo Ideas for the Christmas

Some people are so pumped on Christmas, they give themselves the gift of ink to permanently commemorate the magical holiday on their skin.

How do you feel about Christmas? Do you love it enough to get a Christmas tattoo?

Check out these 10 classic Christmas tattoo ideas.

#1 Santa Claus tattoo by @megan_massacre

#2 Holly tattoo by @raerobinsontattoo

#3 Snowflake tattoos by @fintattoos


#4 Snowglobe tattoo by @melvin_arizmendi

#5 Snowman tattoo by @markreif

#6 Reindeer tattoo by @mattynox

#7 Poinsettia tattoo by Carlos at Abraxas Tattoo Company


#8 Charlie Brown Christmas tattoo by @sinner777


#9  Christmas lights tattoo by @christine_pang


#10 Angel Tattoo by @lange_tattoo

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