Meaning of Black Rose Tattoos

Black Rose Tattoo Meaning: Read This Before You Choose the Final Tattoo Design!

There is just something super attractive, romantic, and even mysterious about rose tattoos, and we couldn’t help but jump on the trend and talk about rose inks. Rose tattoos deserve to be honored by the tattoo community because they’ve become a staple and every single person has either wanted or has actually gotten an ink of a red rose.

However, in our humble opinion, a black rose might be even more interesting than a red rose tattoo. As you may have noticed, a considerable amount of celebrities and influencers are getting black rose tattoos, and we wanted to know why. Is it the same vibe and energy as the red rose tattoo, or is there some even deeper, more timeless meaning and appearance to a black rose tattoo that we didn’t know about?

If you’re just as thrilled about the black rose tattoo trend as we are, then you should definitely continue reading; in the following paragraphs, we’ll go over some of the meanings and symbolism of the black rose tattoo and hopefully help you choose the best black rose tattoo design. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Black Rose Symbolism and Meaning – Explained

The black rose has been a popular tattoo symbol for centuries, representing death, mystery and rebellion. But we're not here to talk about the same old boring meanings - we're here to get creative! Did you know that in the 19th century, sailors would often get black rose tattoos as a symbol of the dangerous and uncharted waters they sailed through?

But it's not just sailors who are drawn to this charming flower. Black rose tattoo designs have been a favorite of poets and dreamers since ancient times. The Greeks believed these mystical flowers to grow in hell, and even today many use them as symbols of grief, mourning, and remembrance.

The Historical Symbolism of the Black Rose

The black rose intrigue can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome, where the black rose symbolized strength and power; both attributes being essential for ruling and conquering. In Victorian England, people used flowers to communicate their feelings, therefore, used black roses to basically say they were sad, grieving, or that someone has died. This black rose interpretation has remained one of the main symbolisms throughout history, even to this day.

As for literature and fiction, the black rose symbolism remained of mystery, death, and grief in gothic and macabre literature, but has spread as such even to modern, pop culture of nowadays. Historically, the black rose was also used as symbolism of anarchist movements and ideas, or even in mafia circles to send threatening messages or even to announce the murder of other mafia members.

The black rose has also been symbolically involved in different occultist literature and media due to its ancient connection to grief and death as well. To this day it has remained a symbol of death, and as such is being represented in the media, TV shows, movies, etc.

The Black Rose Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The black rose as a rare but incredibly beautiful flower has always left us with a mixed interpretation. However, some of the most common meanings and symbolism have remained to this day, and as such serve as inspiration for those looking to get a black rose tattoo. If you’re one of them, here are the main meanings of a black rose you should know about;

  • Death and grief – as we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, death, grief, and mourning are the most common interpretations of a black rose. Historically, the black rose means someone has died or is about to die, as well as that someone is mourning a death of a close one. Most commonly, black roses are given in tragic situations or used as a symbol of tragedy. Even tarot cards feature a black rose to indicate a life or death situation or to forsee someone in one’s close circle dying.
  • Tragedy – the black rose is often used in literature, or even movies and TV shows, to indicate tragedy of some sort. It is a popular means of translating or even foreshadowing certain events that involve the death of an important character or him/her going through a devastating tragedy. The black rose can even symbolize something evil or hatred between characters so that the audience has a better understanding of their relationship.
  • The end and the beginning – a more positive interpretation and meaning of the black rose are that of ‘ending and beginning’. For example, black roses can symbolize the end of a relationship and the beginning of a new one. It can also symbolize one overcoming the hardships of life and now starting to live the new chapters of life. The black rose can symbolize a positive beginning, as well as the strength and power required to start anew.

Black Rose Tattoo Designs and Ideas

If the black rose tattoo meaning and interpretation is something that you’d like your tattoo to represent and symbolize, then you could check out some of our tattoo designs and recommendations. These could help you find the perfect tattoo design, or inspire you to create a completely new rose design as well.

Bold Black Rose Tattoo

A fully black rose tattoo carries the same symbolism and meanings that we previously mentioned, but the fact that it is completely black, without any shading or a touch of another color makes it a really bold tattoo choice. If this is up your alley, make sure to check out some cool and bold black rose tattoo designs.

Bold Black Rose Tattoo

Bold Black Rose Tattoo-1

Bold Black Rose Tattoo-2

Bold Black Rose Tattoo-3

Bold Black Rose Tattoo-4

Classic Black Rose Tattoo

A classic black rose has more of that historical energy and a romantic undertone. It can symbolize a tragic ending to a beautiful love story, or one’s lack of luck when it comes to love. It can also symbolize one’s yearning for love, respect, personal pain, or even strength and power to overcome the dark days or simply achieve personal success. Whatever meaning you decide to attribute to this type of black rose design, make sure to make it your own.

Classic Black Rose Tattoo

Classic Black Rose Tattoo-1

Classic Black Rose Tattoo-2

Classic Black Rose Tattoo-3

Classic Black Rose Tattoo-4

Black Rose and a Raven Tattoo

Throughout history, the symbolism of a black rose almost always featured a black raven. The raven is often surrounded by the roses, carrying a rose in its beak, or the bird is even sitting on the rose. Either way, the two together symbolize tragedy, death, and mourning, but can also have a mythological meaning, associated with the Celtic or the Viking interpretations. The symbolism changes from culture to culture, so try to see which interpretation fits yours the most and go for it.

Black Rose and a Raven Tattoo

Black Rose and a Raven Tattoo-1

Black Rose and a Raven Tattoo-2

Famous Black Rose Tattoos

Famous Black Rose Tattoos

Famous Black Rose Tattoos-1

Famous Black Rose Tattoos-2

Famous Black Rose Tattoos-3

Unique Black Rose Tattoo

Unique Black Rose Tattoo

Unique Black Rose Tattoo-1

Unique Black Rose Tattoo-2

Unique Black Rose Tattoo-3

Unique Black Rose Tattoo-4

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve helped you out when it comes to finding the meaning/symbolism of a black rose tattoo. We’ve also wanted to help you figure out a cool and meaningful black rose tattoo design, so make sure to check out the aforementioned tattoo designs again if you’re still not sure. Either way, always try to make a tattoo design your own; give it a unique interpretation and design that will only speak to you. Only then is a tattoo truly yours. We wish you happy tattooing!

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