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Colorful Summer Tattoos Trends

Summer is the best time to show art on the skin, and the latest tattoo trends are indeed encouraging. Like all forms of creative expression, tattoos also have different tendencies.

Historically, the styles included white ink, dark tattoo cover up, geometry and round spots. The positioning of the tattoo itself has also changed. In recent years, chest, hands, fingers and neck pads have become increasingly popular. The tattoo pen in the hands of tattoo artists are also changing quietly. In addition, human body art is often of profound emotional value and requires consideration in advance. From micro-realistic tattoos to abstract geometries, it brings a series of popular designs that can be inspired by them.

Color is an important part of a tattoo

The richer the color, the better the visual effect. Color tattoos are also rolling back on the ground, in sharp contrast to the popular black and grey designs in recent years. Today, this trend is more widespread than in the past, as customers realize that colored tattoos can be brilliant and can last for years with proper care.

tattoo colors

Here are the 3 special colors I’ve introduced to you and how they create amazing visual effects.

White tattoo

Most people who spend money on art want their work to be super-visible, so choose traditional tattoo colors. White ink tattoos are delicate. They have a softer appearance, which I like. But the white tattoo won’t stay alive forever and will eventually fade into the flesh.

Using white tattoo ink, you don’t need to worry about regretting too much because they will fade into such subtle marks. This is a nice "introduction" tattoo.

flower white ink tattoo

Blue tattoo

blue ink tattoo is a very popular and charming color because it gives a sense of peace and security while also giving a feeling of low tone and tranquility.

If you are looking for a color that is both unique and low-tone and doesn’t seem too exaggerated and striking, then it’s recommended to use blue tattoo ink to make your tattoo because it makes you look low but not too ordinary.

blue ink tattoo

Red tattoo

Red tattoo ink is also great for aqua tattoos because it transitions uniformly from one color to another. If you want red tattoos with precise boundaries, it’s best to combine them with another color. favvosee's professional tattoo machine can help you achieve color expression. However, if the red tattoo is frequently and permanently exposed to sunlight, the color will fade. Therefore, if you notice that the tattoo fades quickly, it may be because the tattoo is not properly cared for rather than because of the color itself.

Red tattoo

Some popular colors are also often applied to your own body, and the search volume for color tattoos on dark skin on this topic is also on the rise, combined according to your taste and the effects you want. Classic blackwork tattoo and red tattoo are wonderful ways to create extreme minimalism. The tones emphasize each other and can create interesting effects.

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