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Finger tattoos: All information about costs, pain and the most beautiful motifs!

We have already discussed that small tattoos have their appeal. We are particularly fond of finger tattoos. They are small, but so present on the fingers that they immediately catch the eye when shaking hands, typing or gesturing. Are you thinking about a finger tattoo or do you want to be convinced? Then find out everything you need to know about the costs, pain and care of a tattoo on your finger here and take a look at the most beautiful motifs for inspiration!

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It doesn't have to be the big tattoo on your arm or back. Not to mention having to embrace a quirky tattoo trend like blackout tattoos or UV tattoos . Some just like it a little more subtle, especially when it comes to their first-ever permanent inked body adornment. In addition to watercolor tattoos and white tattoos , which particularly appeal to women because of their light, delicate color on the skin, the size and location of the body are of course also decisive for a more inconspicuous tattoo. If you're interested in getting a finger tattoo, you'll want to make sure you have the right tools. A tattoo kit can provide you with everything you need to create a safe and professional-looking tattoo. A finger tattoo is the perfect balancing act between "not too big and conspicuous" and "a small eye-catcher is okay".

How much does a finger tattoo cost?

The nice thing about such a small motif is, of course, that the costs are kept within limits. While you usually have to put several hundred, even more than a thousand dollars on the table for large tattoos, the price for a finger tattoo is around 50 to 200 dollars, depending on the time required for the motif. Caution : If a tattoo artist is already offering you the whole thing for a price that is significantly lower, then you should not immediately accept the offer enthusiastically.

It may be that the tattoo lacks quality because the "artist" has too little experience or uses cheap materials. This could even affect your health if you have an allergic reaction to an inferior ink, for example. So you should definitely not save money here, but find out beforehand exactly about the tattoo studio, its reputation and the work of the tattoo artist. You want to be happy with the finger tattoo forever, right?

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How bad is the pain of getting a finger tattoo?

Do finger tattoos hurt? The pain is more intense in some places and less in others. The fact is: there are many small nerves running along the inside of the fingers in particular, which come together in the fingertips. This is where it could tweak when pricking. In addition, the skin around the fingers is very thin. However, many who have already had it report that it is definitely bearable, especially since the procedure does not take that long. So if you are not extremely sensitive to pain, you do not have to be afraid of the stinging.

What do I need to know about the care and durability of finger tattoos?

Getting a tattoo on your finger has two major disadvantages that you need to be aware of. On the one hand, it can run off when tattooing because the skin is so thin, on the other hand it can fade over time because the skin on the hands regenerates particularly quickly. Because the hands and especially the fingers work hard every day and are constantly being moved and come into contact with water, soap and sometimes cleaning chemicals, they need this function.

Finger tattoos fade over time.

So it can be that before the once intense color nothing more than a light gray veil remains. Touch-up is therefore obligatory for many finger tattoos. Of course, it is difficult to protect your hands in order to take care of the tattoo. You can still read through a few care tips here .

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