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Five tattoo ideas men can choose from in 2022


Every tattoo has a story behind it and so does the person who gets it inked. Some do it for the love of art while others out of fad. But, if you ask me, I’d put it in two categories. There are those who get a tattoo and carry it like poetry embossed on their body for the rest of life. And then, there are those who crib about inking their ex’s name on their skin under the influence, and then do everything possible to have it removed.
While we have little remedy for the latter, however, if you’re from the former side of the spectrum, we have here compiled a list of five tattoos you can choose to have on your body in 2022. The list will help you with safer options that’ll rarely go out of trend.

Tiger head on the body

This kind of tattoo is for alpha males who love being dominant. Symbolizing power and passion, the tattoo is a two-way sword. Either, it will come out really nice or turn out to be a complete disaster. I’d recommend you go for the tiger tattoo only if you’re muscular enough. You don’t need to go for a tattoo that illustrates the full body, rather rest at the head of a crouching tiger that depicts strength and resilience.

Ink red or black rose

Don't let anyone fool you by saying this is a female tattoo. A rose on a man's arm looks more stylish than most tattoos. In fact, roses can be incorporated into many designs. The choice of color is very important; the black rose symbolizes pain and loss, while the red symbolizes love and passion. So, whatever you choose, it reflects your life. A symbol of love and pain, rose tattoos are truly a beauty on the forearm of beasts, and only the most ferocious beasts will sniff the rose.

Tattoo a nice quote

Quote tattoos are the best mark on a man if you don't like design and word life. Write your favorite quotes on a piece of paper, such as "The way to salvation is in it" and leave the rest to the tattoo artist. It looks good to have a famous quote tattooed on your chest or forearm. Whether you love a poem, want a message, or have a Bible verse in your heart (not literally); a quote tattooed on your body can do it all. To add some flavor to it, you can paint it in your desired script.

Wings of independence

This kind of tattoo is all about freedom and independence. There are various degrees and designs when it comes to getting a bird tattoo. You can either choose a small beautiful winged creature or you can go for a predator like an eagle. It all depends on your personality and what you want to reflect to the outside world. In case, life has not been too kind to you and you overcame all obstacles all by yourself, get a phoenix inked on your abdomen.

Ink of faith

A religious tattoo may look old school, but trust me, it looks really charming. Not only does it cater to your beliefs, it also allows you to show off your style, form and talent. Regardless of your religion, you can get Zeus or Jesus or any other idyllic tattoo. Not only will it show your inner spirituality, but it will lift and encourage you in your lows. Tattoos like this can inspire everyone's primal faith, desire for the sky and quest for freedom, keep you on the right track and of course look really alluring on your body.

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