Methods of covering tattoos

How To Cover Up An Unwanted Tattoo Methods

If you have ink that you want to remove or hide, covering tattoo may be your best choice.

Tattoo can allow you to express yourself, or represent you as a person. But tattoo can also be wrong. Have you ever hurried to decide on a design that you ultimately don’t like, to see a less qualified artist than you realize, or most commonly for a person who no longer appears in your life?

Laser tattoo removal is a popular choice for removing unnecessary ink, but it can be expensive, let alone pain. On the contrary, many people choose to simply cover their tattoo with a new design. Continue reading to learn how to cover a tattoo, best cover tattoo ideas, and use professional tattoo kit to cover scars.

Scars covered tattoo

Hiding unwanted tattoos with new designs is a rather involved process. Not every tattoo can be easily concealed, nor can every tattoo design be concealed. When it comes to coverage, a general rule of thumb is that the design is usually twice the size and twice the depth of the original tattoo, depending on various factors of the original tattoo.

Factors a good covering tattoo needs to consider

The size and color of the original tattoo can affect the covering effect. The color tattoo is usually easier to cover than the black tattoo. It also depends on the amount of pigment left in the skin. The more dim or shallow the tattoo heals, the easier it is to cover up the original design.

Another thing to consider is the location of the tattoo. When covering the tattoo, placing can expand or limit your choice.

cover up tattoo

Concealing the tattoo

Covering a tattoo is a great way to hide unnecessary tattoos and make the skin refresh. Here are some of the covering tattoo design ideas you can consider:

Dark, bold tattoo

If you have a tattoo that you want to completely cover, a dark, daring design may be the best option.

Flower tattoo

Flowers are popular choices for covering tattoos, and they can be designed in a variety of ways to create a beautiful and feminine appearance.

Flower tattoo

Animal tattoo

Animal tattoos can be used to cover up unnecessary tattoo and create a brand new, unique design.

cat tattoo

Landscape tattoo

Landscape tattoos can create beautiful and beautiful cover designs. It can be mountains, beaches or forests.

landscape tattoo

Watercolor tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are popular choices for covering the tattoo because they can create beautiful, colorful designs that can completely hide the old tattoo.

Scars covered tattoo

Sometimes, what you want to mask is not another tattoo, but a scar, and some new ink can also well mask those. Many choose beautiful tattoo designs to help cover and disperse any existing scar.

Remember that the scarring should be completely healed – which means that the color has dimmed and it has been “fused into the skin” as much as possible – before you try to cover it up.

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