Native American tattoo

Native American tattoo: meanings and models

Are you passionate about Native American culture and want to anchor it on your skin? Try the Native American tattoo! Having an important place in this culture, the tattoo is like a protective amulet. It is a symbol of supernatural strength or power. It also allows you to record all the important events of life.

To learn more about the different meanings of Native American armadillo patterns, you can read the following lines.

The birth of tattooing among Native Americans

Native American tattoos have been around since the beginning of time. Initially, people did not use the common tattoo machine seen today. The people used sharp bones, stones or branches instead of needles to inscribe the desired tattoo on the skin. And instead of ink, he used soot or dyes found in nature.

armadillo tattoo

Indeed, Native Americans did not get tattoos for anything. They did this for many reasons, including the identification of tribes and regions through inscriptions.

Armadillos also hold mystical or spiritual significance to those who wear them. On the other hand, Native Americans believed that tattoos will give them supernatural power. They also got tattooed by animals related to their birth in hopes of being able to possess their quality.

Moreover, the fact of getting a tattoo symbolized a form of heroism. Indeed, the heroes of a battle were rewarded with a Native American armadillo. Other armadillos were posed for rites of passage and hunting. Some were made to enhance the beauty of native women.

The different Native American tattoos and their meanings

There are many Native American tattoos. Discover the meaning of the most popular models.

Note beforehand that if you don't like permanent tattoos, you can buy ephemera in a Native American shop. They are easy to apply and available in several sizes.

The dreamcatcher or dream catcher tattoo

This is the most popular motif in the Native American tattoo. Indeed, the dream catcher allows you to capture bad dreams. It features beads that catch nightmares and feathers that stop the most dangerous dreams. The circle, on the other hand, represents the universe and the cycle of life.

If you like this design and its meaning, you can get it tattooed on your arm, leg or back. If you believe in it, it will protect you in any field.

dream catcher tattoo

Native American arrow tattoo

Know that the arrow was the weapon of choice for Native American warriors. You can get an arrow tattoo to symbolize protection and perseverance. Indeed, it marks the passage of time and the need to move forward. You can put it on your arm, your neck or any part of your body.

You can also choose the pattern of crossed arrows to symbolize loyalty.

arrow tattoo

Native American feather tattoo

According to Native Americans, feathers represented the spirit of birds. They were used for various ceremonies and religious rituals. Today, they mark femininity thanks to their delicacy. Feather tattoos can be placed on the collarbone, ankle, under the breasts, behind the ears or elsewhere. The more this tattoo is discreet and small, the more it gives a little mystery to your body.

feather tattoo

Native American wolf tattoo

Animals have had great value in Native American culture. Men got tattoos of animals for their strength. If the wolf symbolized wickedness and ferocity for some. In Native American culture, it marks loyalty to the tribe. This animal also symbolizes dominance and control.

Indeed, this pattern is very popular with men. They can put it on the arm or the torso. Large in size, it is more visible and more attractive.

wolf tattoo

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