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Olive Tattoos: Symbol of Peace or Victory

I want to talk about one of our most identifiable tattoo designs, as a symbol of peace or victory, the olive tree tattoo. I’m sure that the vast majority of people will quickly associate it with these two facts when they appreciate an olive branch carried alone or by a pigeon: getting victory or peace.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll dig deeper into the meaning of the olive tattoo. In addition, we will give you a lot of ideas to make your olive branch tattoo look as bizarre and cool as possible. Whether you're interested in a small and subtle design or a larger, more intricate piece, the Favvosee tattoo kit can give you everything you need to bring your vision to life. The meaning of olive trees is as rich as the Mediterranean culture of its origin, and it is deeply rooted in Greece, as we will see later.

olive tree peace

In many cultures, the olive tree, as a tree, has many important roles and is still able to live for more than a hundred years. On the other hand, if we get a deeper understanding of ancient culture, we will find that in ancient Greece, the olive tree was considered sacred. As we have already said, it symbolizes victory, although it is also associated with honor.

Legend has it that when the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, achieved significant victories on the battlefield or in other fields, she threw olive branches at men.

ancient greek olive tree

If you notice that in this case, the meaning of the olive tree is geographically very bordered with the Mediterranean (which is already ancient Greece) because it is a tree on the coast that originated from this sea (although it can also be found somewhere in Asia and Africa). That's why many legends about its symbolic meaning are related to this region of the world.

Different varieties of olive trees tattoo

For example, another legend claims that many olives fell into the Mediterranean waters thousands of years ago. Later they floated to the coast of Greece, where they were discovered and eaten. They loved them very much, and even today, they are considered delicious dishes. That's probably why they were considered trees associated with luck and wealth.

There is also an ancient custom in Greece to plant an olive tree when a child is born to commemorate life: olives will eventually exceed the height of a child and live longer.

The pigeon with the olive branch is a symbol of peace.
However, the olive branch is widely known today because it is considered to be the symbol of peace.

peace symbol tattoo

The original legend of this universe symbol is well known: in the Bible, after the universe flood, Noah sent out a pigeon to look for the earth. A few days later, the pigeon, wrapped in its mouth with the oil branch, returned to the ark. Thus, the tree of olives not only communicated peace, but also conveyed hope.

As a tattoo design, the olive branch is still quite interesting. And, depending on the way the tattoo is done, there is a minimalist and elegant element. Just look at the Olive Branch tattoo gallery below, and you’ll see some such products. Small, delicate, and elegant olive branches look great on almost any part of the body when tattooed with professional tattoo machine. Next, we’ll give you some ideas, and we hope you’re also interested.

As we said before, the olive branch is used as a symbol of the victory given by Athena (like the crown). In this layout, the tattoo’s inspiration comes from this symbol and is reinforced with diamonds and crowns (this time more classic). The rough line reinforces the traditional style, making you look beautiful.

crown olive branch

We can not only get inspiration from olive branches to tattoo, but the whole tree is also a very cool choice. Because of its shape, it looks especially good from the side. It enhances the appearance of the olive tree with its leaf-specific green and multi-section trees and branches.

The Crown of Victory - Water-colored olive rings are undoubtedly one of the preferred designs when choosing an olive branch tattoo. In addition to having a very clear meaning, they look great in many different styles, from the most traditional to combining with other elements. In this case, choose a simple design and add the fruit of the olive tree to be recognized at a glance.

Olive branch rings with black olives

Remember that although there are many types of olives, including green olives, it is best to give a little contrast to the color in a purple or black tattoo.

olive tattoo

The olive branch tattoo can consist of single pieces, but in terms of size, it is also good to combine with other designs. In this case, the branch of this tree is another accompanying element that appears behind the main design of the tree.

A symbol of excellence and peace. We have discussed its meaning. What a tattoo is, it applies to very detailed and realistic designs as well as more abstract designs (for example, with light water paintings), as well as a simpler black and white design. This is undoubtedly one of the most common concepts.

dove and olive tree

If you want to combine two very powerful symbols, choose a design that combines an olive tree and a pigeon. Importantly, the olive tree is a multi-sectional twisted tree, which is one of its main features, and the pigeon is white (if it is black and white, simply draw out the contours). If you wish to strengthen the idea of peace, you can put a branch in its mouth.

Getting a real olive branch tattoo means getting inspiration from the old illustrations in natural books like this one. Pay attention to how the leaves look pale and the different shapes of the different varieties. By showing one of the most typical trees, this is the perfect way to represent the warm Mediterranean climate.

Olive branches are also a great source of tattoo inspiration.

We hope you like this article and are interested in the meaning of the olive branch tattoo, as well as some ideas that make your design unique. Tell us if you have a tattoo with this tree as the protagonist? What do you like feeling? Do you think we haven't mentioned anything?

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