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Sigil Tattoo: What Does It Mean and Is It Okay To Have One?

Before deciding on a final tattoo design, one needs to take into consideration a lot of factors that draw a line between an acceptable and a big no-no tattoo design. Cultural appropriation and borrowing from offensive symbolism and ideas seem to be overlooked in the global tattoo community as a big problem. Sure, you can put on your body whatever you want. But, the moment that something becomes visible to others, and offensive and problematic to top it off, that is when it is no longer just a tattoo on your body; it is a message to anyone who may see it.

That is why we always emphasize the importance of doing research regarding any tattoo design of your interest; even if you think you just came up with a completely new and unique tattoo design, you still need to check if it’s culturally appropriated or considered offensive somewhere.

As of recent, one tattoo idea seems to be popping out that we thought might be great for researching and seeing whether it is okay to actually get it tattooed. Sigil, a symbol often created with the help of a tattoo machine, is the symbol we want to discuss in the following paragraphs, so if you’re interested, then keep on reading!

Sigil Tattoo: Everything You Need To Know

Crook believed that artists needed to be more receptive to new styles. "Closed-minded artists are always interesting to me," Crook said. "As long as the tattoo is done safely and consensually, I don't see why the rest shouldn't be between the tattoo artist and the client." between."

While there are multiple styles of tattoo designs available online these days, they have always been linked to each other due to the way they promote an unconventional aesthetic. Clients with more messy and playful tattoos will often have gothic web designs next to them. What makes people adopt a mix of these two or more styles is the originality of tattoo art that is obscure and complementary.

Gothic symbolism can be seen everywhere in Montreal. With its sharp lines, wing-like features and intricate electro-inspired details, the style has become a popular part of the city's tattoo scene. For the artist on Instagram, the curvature of the human body plays a big role in her designs. The Montreal-based artist's style has evolved over the years, but she's more recently found herself focusing on tribal decorative designs.

What is Sigil?

favvosee digil tattoo pattern

Sigil is a symbol used in magic to represent a deity or a spirit, and means ‘seal’ (Latin sigillum). The use of the symbol can be traced back to the Celtic culture in the Neolithic era, Later on, in medieval magic, the sigil represented angels and demons, which were usually summoned by the magic practitioners. For hundreds of years, Sigil creation was considered to be the core of the magic practice.

Those who created Sigils used special methods (so-called magic squares – sums of the numbers in the square, no matter how you look at it, are always the same), and obtained special power. For example, Sigils were considered to represent the true name of a spirit, and the magician was thus granted control over the spirit of the Sigil was made correctly.

Because of the Sigil creation, many modern artists became interested in Sigils and occultism. For example, Austin Osman Spare, a known artist, and occultist developed his own Sigil creation method. To this day his Sigil ideas maintain the interest in occultism across the globe. Because of this, the so-called chaos magi became popular, especially the idea of having a modern, personal sigil. It is even believed that global corporations like McDonald’s, Nike, or Virgin records have their own Sigils and their brand labels, which granted them a global success.

What is the Meaning of a Sigil?

It is considered that every Sigil symbol carries a different magical meaning. Because it is a pictorial symbol used in ritualistic magic, its meaning changes depending on the outcome a magic practitioner is seeking. It is also a common practice to arrange several Sigils in an order to create the name of angels or demons a magic practitioner is seeking to summon in a ritual.

One of the best-known written explanations of the Sigils and their meanings is The Lesser Key of Solomon, a list of 72 different Sigils that are used to evoke 72 spirits/demons/angels. These Sigils were part of the ceremonial rituals in medieval and Renaissance Europe, and to this day serve as inspiration for occult philosophy across the globe.

Should I Get a Sigil Tattoo?

Well, if you’re into this kind of symbolism and story behind a tattoo design, then sure, why not. However, you cannot just go and get a Sigil tattoo without any knowledge and information regarding its symbolism and meaning. Sigil tattoos usually feature specific symbolism unique to the person wearing a tattoo. For example, you cannot get any kind of Sigil tattoo, because the symbol you’re going for might already be in use by someone else; those are considered to be private/personal Sigils.

Also, Sigil tattoos are believed to have healing powers. For example, if some part of your body is sick or you have a long-term health difficulty, placing the tattoo in that area of the body might have healing power.

It is also recommended to keep your Sigil tattoo private. It is not one of those tattoos you should flaunt to your friends, especially if the reason for getting such a tattoo is for its healing and spiritual powers.

So yes, if you’re into occultism, spiritualism, and witchcraft, then sure, go for a Sigil tattoo. We do recommend you do more thorough research about Sigils and occultism if you’re new to this.

Examples of Sigil Tattoo Designs

Sigil tattoos are characterized by intricate linework and incredible geometric design. They are certainly attention-grabbing pieces, but considering the history of these tattoos, you should try and keep them hidden, lowkey. Either way, here are some Sigil tattoo examples that can show you what kind of designs to expect if you decide to go for such a tattoo idea.

favvosee digil tattoo arm

favvosee digil tattoo body

favvosee digil tattoos black

favvosee digil tattoo back

favvosee digil tattoo wrist

favvosee digil tattoo neck

favvosee digil tattoos arm

favvosee digil tattoo hand

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this little insight into the world of Sigil symbolism and tattoos was fun and helpful to all of our interested readers. Of course, we are not professionals when it comes to modern occult and witchcraft philosophy and symbolism. But, we tried to bring this topic closer to those who may be beginners and needed simplified explanations. If you’re seeking to get a Sigil tattoo, make sure to do your homework; read as much as possible about this topic, ask around and see if others share your interest, and consult with those who are already knowledgeable in this topic. The Internet is a great place to do all of this, so why not do your tattoo journey the right way? Good luck and happy tattooing!

Disclaimer – Information provided in the blog article is based on personal opinions and experiences, for general reference only. The blog article may contain external websites or resources, if any of the content belongs to the original copyright holder, please contact us for removal.
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