Tattoos for Women: Where on the body?

There are many choices for the location of the tattoo on the body.

First, ask yourself some questions about the visibility of the tattoo:
- Do you want to see it (in the front or back, like on the waist or shoulder)?
- Do you want to see it when you are naked or wearing clothes?
- Do you want to see it all the time (like on the wrist) or only occasionally (like on the ankle)?
- Do you want anyone to see it (underboob)?

chest tattoos

What is the symbolic meaning of each body part?

Generally speaking, shoulders, clavicles, chest and waist are the places where women prefer to tattoo. Favvosee Nebula 2 Hybrid Rotary Portable Tattoo Machine can be a great choice for a convenient tattoo machine. Its flexible body can perform excellently even in a narrow space.

Neck tattoo

Neck tattoos have some of the same meanings as back tattoos (interest in conveying a message to followers). Usually, symbolic or lettering tattoos (tattoo letters) are chosen for this area. But the message can also be abstract or poetic. Even though more visible than back tattoos, neck tattoos for women and behind the ear tattoos are often covered by hair, which has the effect of cultivating a sense of mystery. Choosing a tattoo on the back of the neck can both show off the beauty of the body and express the desire to communicate.

Women appreciate neck tattoos "Bird" tattoos on the neck as a symbol of freedom, femininity and elegance.

neck tattoo

Back tattoo

Technically speaking, the back is an ideal body part for tattoos. It is the largest, flattest and usually smoothest surface of our body. The back is also the thickest part of the skin of the body. Lower back tattoos for women who want to become more feminine. Sexy.

When you choose the back as the body part to be tattooed, you will be interested in the memories and impressions you leave behind.

back tattoo

Chest tattoo

Tattoos near the heart (especially on the left side) have no particular meaning for women if they are not in this area. In this case, the tattoo is designed for the one you love. The chest symbolizes emotion. The movement of your breathing will make your tattoo move. Think of pulsing tattoos or underboob.

Tattoos at the neckline are occasionally visible, subtly visible, and more accentuate your sexiness and mysterious side.

Chest Tattoo

Hand tattoos, wrist tattoos, arm tattoos

The symmetry of the arm and forearm evokes balance, strength, success, power... Forearm tattoos are a voluntary breaking of this symmetry.

Hands and wrists are often chosen for temporary nail art tattoos, especially in India (e.g. brown nail art bracelet tattoos). Try nail art tattoos.

forearm tattoo

Footprint tattoos and ankle tattoos

Tattooing feet and ankles (and even legs and thighs) is a way of giving poetic dimension to this too real reality, reminding us of the harsh reality of the objective laws of life, rather than the ideological fantasies of those who "have their feet off the ground".

ankle tattoo

Some tips

The abdomen is a part of the body that is to be avoided for women who do not have children and are hoping to have one, as stomach tattoos could distort with pregnancy. On the other hand, trying temporary tattoos like “Baby Inside” during pregnancy can be fun and fashionable.

Avoid any fleshy areas that could potentially grow and/or distort with time, such as belly tattoo, under the chest tattoos, or thigh tattoos.

waist tattoo

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