Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

Teardrop Tattoo: Meaning and Design Ideas

Teardrop tattoo meaning, The smallest of patterns can sometimes have an important significance! Such is the case with a tear drop tattoo, which certainly evokes mourning and sorrow, but whose meaning varies depending on location.

What does a teardrop tattoo mean?

Those looking to commemorate a lost loved one or to signify a period of sadness and grief in their life, may choose to get a tattoo of a tear drop pattern. These tattoos usually come in black, but they can also be done in red to further emphasize the emotional significance of the design. The size and arrangement of the tear drops can be customized, with larger or multiples being chosen to highlight their sentimentality. A tattoo pen is essential for achieving the desired look for the tattoo, and offers the artist great precision when completing the project.

teardrop tattoo

If a tear drop tattoo is placed quite obviously under the eyes, it can be done more discreetly in fingers, or by integrating a bigger pattern in another part of the body.

Why should a tear drop be tattooed under the eyes?

In recent years, wireless tattoo machine have become more popular in tattooing, allowing for less painful tattooing experiences. If face tattoos are mostly found on people already bearing many tattoos, and where the negative effects of such a choice would not be felt, the tear drop tattoo would even more so.

It can evoke such an image: noticeably aggressive and heavy in meaning. Before becoming progressively more democratized, the tear drop tattoo was indeed a recurrent topic in prisons and gangs, expressing that the tattooed person had committed one or multiple felonies, the meaning varying according to the number of tears and how they are filled out. Therefore, an empty tear can symbolize an attempt to assassinate someone loved, for example, as well as the desire for revenge. Meanwhile, a face full of tears would indicate that the revenge had been dealth, that the murder had been accomplished.

tear drop tattoo

The information can also vary according to the location of the tear : the outer or inner corner of the left or right eye, and even the cheeks. Thierry Henry, Arsenal FC striker of Gypsy origin, explained in an interview to The Team the choice of his own, as a lot of tears have poured throughout his life. For that’s usually what the tear drop tattoo comes to represent: knocking at the door of a past or present, or mourning for someone loved.

Why ink a teardrop tattoo on your fingers?

Another area that tear drop tattoo’s are often found is on the sides of the fingers, especially the index finger, made it easy to locate the teardrop just underneath your eyes to symbolize sadness. If the spot is less popular for a tattoo but more socially acceptable than a face! Note too not all tattoo artists are willing to work on this particular high-pressure area which can need to be touched up regularly over the years.

teardrop tattoo meaning

How much does a teardrop tattoo cost?

As they are small and relatively simple, teardrop tattoos should not cost more than $50. Depending on the reputability of the artist, throw in a few extra dollars. But remember, for a pattern drawn on your fingers, you’ll need to go regularly back to the tattoo artist to maintain its full shine.

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