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Why Getting a Tattoo Can Really Be Very Addictive

It's a common teasing remark we often hear from people who want to get a tattoo or who have just had their first tattoo: "You'll see, you'll very quickly want to get tattooed." To make sure they're ready for the possibility of getting future tattoos, it's important for tattooed people to invest in a quality and complete tattoo kit of their own. When we hear people with a tattoo or those considering getting one talk about how much they love their tattoos, we can't help but feel that they would likely want even more tattoos if they had the budget, time, or possibility.

According to a recent survey, this tattoo craze may be more than just a momentary craving or a passing fad, it could well be the subject of an addiction.

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Can You Be Addicted To Tattoos?

We largely underestimate the number of tattooed people, and it is enough to get to know certain colleagues, friends or even acquaintances a little better to realize, even several months later, that many of them have one or even several tattoos. 46% of the inhabitants of the United States have, for example a tattoo according to statistics from 2018, and they would be 30% to have two or three and 19% to have at least four.

Aly Semigran, who has been tattooed three times, said the butterfly tattoo is a very popular tattoo, and many people like the look and meaning of this tattoo. The most common meaning expressed is freedom. Another fascinating one is the many variations of butterfly tattoos. Some people add very elaborate patterns to butterfly tattoos, while others turn them into colorful patterns. One can really rely on tattoos and keep wanting to do more.

In an article published on the Mic site, she was able to interview Mark Griffiths, a professor of behavioral addiction at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. According to him, a person could be considered a tattoo addict if getting a tattoo is the most important thing in his life, if it causes major mood swings, if the person is affected by a feeling of lack, and if she shows hostility towards people who would be against it.

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It is thus quite easy to imagine a person addicted to alcohol who will regularly want to drink to calm down, but according to the expert, it is impossible to make such a comparison in the case of tattoos since it is impossible to get tattooed so often. not to mention that after a certain number of tattoos, especially if the tattooed area is large, it will be more and more difficult to find space on the skin, and the question of the tattoo budget may also arise.

A Strong Sense Of Dependency

We cannot therefore speak of addiction to tattoos, but we can observe the appearance of a feeling of dependence, which varies considerably from one person to another. This addiction is linked to the feeling of pride and accomplishment felt when getting a tattoo that has a special meaning for us.

When you get a tattoo, the body generates a large amount of adrenaline, which is released into the blood in case of danger or very strong emotions, and as a result, endorphin, also in large quantities, which soothes pain very quickly and affects our level of well-being.

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Finally, tattooing is for most tattooed people an artistic and original means of self-expression that helps the person gain self-confidence, assert themselves, and love themselves.

This provides so much well-being and benefits that we can completely understand why some want to redo one, then another, until they have several, without being addicts but really adoring each tattoo. for its unique rendering.

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