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Tattooing During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know?

In Western countries, the popularity of tattoos is still increasing. The development of tattoos involves several factors, which can be symbolic draws or even permanent makeup. The decision to get a tattoo should be considered, as this gesture is usually permanent.

Pregnancy Tattoo Causes Definition and Explanation

According to the definition, tattoos involve mixing a tattoo machine with ink (exogenous pigment) and then introducing it into the dermis layer of the skin to produce a permanent design. The higher regulatory bodies of health-hazardous products (Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada) have not given control scales for the inks and pigments used for tattoos, as they are considered aesthetic rather than medical.

Therefore, there are no standards to follow, which means you can never know the exact composition of the ink. The only two absolute contraindications for tattoos described in the literature are pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In most inks used for tattoos, there are chemicals or heavy metals that may be potentially toxic to the baby. Therefore, they should be avoided. There is always a risk of infection when the skin barrier is broken. About 1-5% of tattoo patients have secondary bacterial infections, usually caused by normal bacteria in the skin.

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Health Risks of Pregnancy Tattoo

Due to the weakened immune system of pregnant women in the late stages of pregnancy, infection may be more difficult to control.

Due to the decrease in blood pressure of pregnant women, she is more prone to hypotension when standing (erect), which can lead to fainting. Tattoos can put stress on the body, which can lead to contractions and premature birth. The weight gain of pregnant women for nine months can cause the skin to stretch and the appearance of stretch marks. The whole thing may distort or change the appearance of existing tattoos.

Tattoos on the lower back may be harmful when introducing epidural anesthesia, as the effects of colored pigments and possible contaminants in the epidural space are still unknown.

Pregnancy Tattoo Advice

It is recommended to avoid tattoos during pregnancy.

At present, there is no literature showing that women with tattoos before pregnancy have additional risks to the baby. On the other hand, there are still many unknowns about pregnant women and tattoos. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct multiple studies in order to establish specific guidelines in practice.

Tattoos may change during pregnancy, but usually return to their pre-pregnancy appearance. It is also not recommended to remove tattoos during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Postpartum Tattoo Recommendations

Tattoos should be avoided throughout the entire breastfeeding period. Tattoos may change during pregnancy, but usually return to their pre-pregnancy appearance over time. We continue to have pregnancy stretch marks during pregnancy.

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