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All About Sleeve Tattoos: Style

All believe in the old adage "nothing lasts forever". But Favvosee firmly believes that tattoos can be "eternal". Recently, the weather is slowly getting colder, which is what many people think of as a "good time" for a tattoo. Today, Favvosee will introduce everyone to a popular tattoo: tattoo sleeves.

Tattoo sleeves: what are they?

There are several smaller tattoos arranged around someone's limb to form an entire tattoo sleeve. Although leg sleeves are becoming more popular, they have traditionally been worn on the arms.

There are many times when the sleeve has a theme, whether it's style or color, but sometimes it's just a variety of tattoos. Their popularity stems from the fact that they allow people to express themselves by putting meaningful art on their bodies.


Tattoo lovers continue to be fascinated by Nordic lore and Viking culture.

Viking tattoo sleeves are intricate and use many lines and shapes to reproduce Nordic symbols.

A full-arm tattoo sleeve usually includes the Vegvisir, the Helm of Awe, and Odin to represent power and protection.

Viking Tattoo Pattern

Black & Grey

Tattoos that use black and gray ink are referred to as black and gray tattoos, as their names suggest. The perfect shading technique can be achieved with modern ink because it comes in a wide range of greys.

The soft shading and fine lines of this style can be used to create both realistic portraits and abstract designs.

With this style, the different shades add depth and dimension to the tattoo sleeves.

Black & Grey Tattoo Pattern


Traditional Japanese tattoos have always been, and will always be, popular choices for tattoo sleeves.

A variety of Asian symbols are represented in modernized Asian designs, such as dragons, koi fish, ponds, cherry blossoms, and geishas. These symbols can be tattooed with vivid, bright colors or black ink.

It is believed that when a koi fish swims up a river, it will become a dragon.

In life, perseverance and overcoming challenges are symbolic of this transformation.

Japanese/Oriental Tattoo Pattern


Many tattoos appear so realistic that people might think they are leaping from the skin.

Tattoo sleeves designed to mimic portraits, animals, landscapes, and people are known as realistic tattoo sleeves.

The objective of this style is not to create an original image, but rather to make it appear as realistic as possible.

Having a large surface area on the arm allows for a decently sized, realistic tattoo to be sleeved.

Realism Tattoo Pattern 


Because blackwork tattoos use large amounts of black ink and thick lines, they overlap a great deal with tribal tattoos.

Blackwork tattoo sleeves, however, can also include gothic art, engravings, calligraphy, and geometric shapes.

A blackwork tattoo sleeve's design typically incorporates dark art symbols like tarot cards, swords, demons, and mandalas.

Blackwork Tattoo Pattern

New School

Bright, vivid colors and exaggerated cartoonish designs characterize new school tattoo sleeves.

There are many influences on this tattoo style, including comic books, TV shows, anime, graffiti, and video games. Animated tattoos are similar to traditional tattoos.

New School Tattoo Pattern

Old School/Traditional

It is most likely this style that people envision when thinking of classic tattoos.

Symbols that are popular in traditional culture include hearts, roses, anchors, pin girls, Ed Hardy, and others.

Tattoo sleeves carry on the tradition of traditional tattoos that have been loved for a long time.

Old School/Traditional Tattoo Pattern

Neo Traditional

A neo-traditional tattoo is a tattoo that transitions from a traditional to a modern one.

Tattoo sleeves feature thick, traditional linework combined with modern, eye-catching colors.

Flower tattoos, animal tattoos, and portraits of women are popular neo-traditional tattoos.

A major difference between traditional and neo-traditional tattoo sleeves is the new-traditional traditional tattoo sleeves use vibrant, sometimes frightening colors.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Pattern


In recent years, watercolor tattoos have become a very popular trend in tattoo sleeves due to their aesthetic appeal.

When the watercolor tattoo sleeve is finished, it looks as if someone painted a piece of art on the skin. Rather than using a needle, soft strokes and fine lines appear to have been drawn with a brush.

Tattoo sleeves designed in the watercolor style use a minimal amount of black and rely on vibrant colors to create an outline.

In addition to animals and landscapes, geometric shapes and landscapes are also popular watercolor tattoos.

Watercolor Tattoo Pattern


Tattoo sleeves with abstract designs have become very popular lately, especially since they can be done in almost any color scheme.

Abstract tattoo sleeves lack outline or structure, which makes them abstract.

This allows the tattoo artist to add touches of color and lines as he or she sees fit, thereby freeing up the design.

It can be challenging to design an abstract tattoo sleeve because there are so many possibilities.

Abstract Tattoo Pattern


In Polynesian tattoos, geometric patterns tell a story about an individual's life.

Among the most popular tattoo styles for tattoo sleeves are tribal tattoos because they cover large surfaces easily, and look intricate and cohesive.

A tattoo sleeve with this type of design should have thick, symmetrical lines, as well as geometric shapes.

Polynesian/Māori Tattoo Pattern


Geometric tattoo sleeves are eye-catching because of their pleasing aesthetics and symmetry.

Geometric tattoos are delicate, mathematical, and meticulous, with the linework making or breaking them. A beautiful tattoo sleeve is created through the combination of precise shapes, fine lines, dots, and patterns.

There are some people who prefer colored geometric tattoo sleeves to those done in black ink.

Geometric Tattoo Pattern

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