How to Use a Tattoo Machine for the First Time?

How to Use a Tattoo Machine for the First Time?

Are you looking for a tattoo machine tutorial? You'll learn everything you need to know about tattoos from me!
But before reading anything else, make sure that you have a good understanding of how to build a tattoo machine so that you won't have any problems later.
For those new to tattooing, here is detailed information on how to use a tattoo machine for the first time. Take time to read and learn!

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Step 1: Learn About Your Kit
Step 2: Sterilize and Prepare the Needles
Step 3: Assemble Your Tattoo Machine
Step 4: Power Supply Assembly
Step 5: Make a Tattoo
How to Use Your Tattoo Machine?
Final Thoughts

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Step 1: Learn About Your Kit

The first thing you need to know before using a tattoo machine is what your kit contains. Your starter kit includes the essentials to make the tattooing process go smoothly. The kit contains the following items:

  • Tattoo Machines - You can have several, depending on your tattoo kit.
  • Tattoo needles.
  • Ink.
  • Power supply equipment.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Fake skin for practice.
  • Small measuring cup for ink.


Step 2: Sterilize and Prepare the Needles

Your needles should have been pre-sterilized by the company you purchased them from and packaged separately. Using a needle with an open or punctured packaging indicates that the sterilization has been compromised. Also, check to make sure needles were not bent or damaged during transit.
Check out our article on our favorite tattoo needles if you need help choosing the right ones for your practice.
Some needles come pre-assembled with nipples, while others come with just the needle itself. Depending on what you intend to do with the needle, you will need a different type. If you're lining, you'll need needles with a pointed end and a singular count or thicker, depending on how thick the line is. For shading and coloring, you'll need needles with square ends that come with multiple small needles.


Step 3: Assemble Your Tattoo Machine

It takes several steps to assemble, so if you make a mistake, take apart everything and start from scratch. Getting your tattoo machine up and running takes some learning, so make sure you do it safely. Sanitizing your hands and workspace before assembly is always a good idea.

  1. Assembly -Assembly of our tattoo machine is as easy as assembling a pen. Just follow the instructions. In order to avoid injury, please make sure that all parts are tightly connected and will not fall off or loosen.
  2. Inserting the needle -Be sure to check the needle before inserting it. Scarring and infection can occur from blunt or bent needles or pre-opened packaging. To prevent cross-contamination, always hold the needle's eye, not the tip, when removing it from its packaging. You should select needles according to the work you intend to do.
  3. Adjust the depth of the needles -By starting the tattoo machine, the needle length can be adjusted better at this point. The thickness should be about 1/16 inch. If a needle is pierced too deeply, it may cause unnecessary bleeding and scarring to the client. Do not tattoo on human skin until you master this step.
  4. Wear a non-slip bandage -The majority of tattoo machines are made of stainless steel or other metal materials that have a smooth finish. Make sure you wear a non-slip bandage when operating the tattoo machine to avoid slipping.


Step 4: Power Supply Assembly

It is impossible for a tattoo machine to operate without a consistent and reliable power supply.

  1. Inspect Your Power Supply -Make sure your power supply is voltage-adjustable. You should check whether the display is digital or analog. Ensure that all the buttons work and that you know what they do. Ensure the fuse is in good working order and that the voltage is running into the machine.
  2. Attach a Footswitch -The footswitch will change your tattooing practice if you don't already have one. Your machine should be equipped with a foot pedal. Your tattoo machine will be controlled by the foot pedal.
  3. Connect Your Machine -Connect your tattoo machine to the machine using the power clip cord. There should be a clear indication of where the clip cord is located on your power supply. Make sure your tattoo power supply is plugged into the wall and ready for use.
  4. Test Your Machine -Test out your machine by gently pressing your footswitch. At this point, you don't need to tattoo anything, just make sure it runs smoothly and adjust the intensity as necessary. When a machine is running well, vibrations should be constant, and uninterrupted.


how to use a tattoo machine for the first time

Step 5: Make a Tattoo

If you want to achieve a nice tattoo, create an outline. The tattoo needle should be pushed into the skin first.
It is important to tattoo at the correct depth during the tattooing process. It is important to know that human skin is made up of three layers.
During tattoo application, the target depth should be the dermis, which is the middle layer where the ink will remain. The deeper you go, the more damage you do to the deeper layers of the skin.
Start moving the tattoo machine down the outline once the needle is in the correct position. Be careful not to hurt yourself by moving the needle too quickly.
In order to use the machine, you should hold it over the needle as if it were a pen. Ensure that you are holding the tattoo machine.
The holding technique of these tattoo machines should be checked. During the tattooing process, keep your hands steady and avoid applying too much pressure to the machine.


How to Use Your Tattoo Machine?

After you've set up your machine, the best way to practice using it is to tattoo fruit or artificial skin. Make sure you have your ink pots set up and that your colors are chosen. Ensure you get into the habit of using standard sanitation practices when tattooing fruit or artificial skin.

You should maintain a firm grip upon the needle tube when holding a tattoo machine. As you get used to the constant vibrations, it will feel like a very thick pen or pencil in your hands.


Final Thoughts

Watching professionals and asking them to train or apprentice you is the best way to learn how to properly set up your tattoo machine. Ask an artist you know and respect for help if you're stuck at a stage of setting up your machine. Before tattooing clients, you should spend years perfecting your setup.

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